February 13, 2014

Value of Eid or Education

In a city which is called the "capital of the world", it should be thought that most major religions should be represented, and not just a single one. According to PEW Research (2007), there are .6% Muslims and .4% Hindus. In New York City, there are 424 Hindus for every 100,000 people. With such a close proximity in the population overall, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio couldn't confirm for Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights.

If these two holidays, and the Chinese New Year is confirmed in NYC, it will be the first city in the US to have religious holidays that strays away from other kinds of holidays. Rosh Hashanah being the other holiday that reflects religious affiliation has also been called the first holiday for kindergarteners to transition into school life. The other holidays are seasonal and even though religious holidays fall in them, it doesn't confine itself to just religion.

Now the two Eids, the Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha does not follow any strict rule and depends on seeing the moon. This poses a very peculiar problem for the administration if they are to implement it. Another problem is that this goes against the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment.

Why are the Chinese pushing for the Chinese New Year to become a holiday? Well, that is because according to Capital New York, there are 11.4% Chinese (as of 2013), which is significantly over .6% Muslims.

Why else would Muslims want to create a school holiday? Wall Street Journal published an article in 2012 which showed why Hindus in USA are thriving. Hindus are higher up in the socioeconomic ladder and give a higher value of education. This is because 58% of American Hindus have a post-graduate degree, and among other Americans, it is at 12%. Also, 51% of the Hindus in US make over $100,000, which is above other religious sects.

These numbers do not surprise the fact that the number of Hindus retained from generation to generation is higher than any other. Maybe, it is the socioeconomic status that these Hindus value, or maybe it is the way the world has learned about Hindu culture and adapted them to their lives (yoga). Or maybe it is because other religions fail to see that knowledge and education is the light for the future generation, and Hindus understanding this, wants to pass the lantern of knowledge to the next generation.

June 29, 2013

"Black Law" Brings a New Curse for the Hindus

The proposed Debottor Sampatti Ayin, also called the Vested Property Act of 2013, has aroused much of Hindu population in Bangladesh. Many Hindu activist organizations are calling it the "Black Law".

They criticized various parts of the act, including clause 2 of the act that states that the religious properties will be held not by the religious organizations for the Hindus but by the local government. This will also mean that the priests and sages will be paid employees of the government and not be selfless devotees of the temples, which most Hindus believe is the way to salvation.

Clause 41 of the act also forces the temples to pay to the local government, which no other religious institution has to do. Clause 53 also states that government could take over any of the property whenever they wish to do so.

Clause 8.2 states that the religious institutions will be owned by chairman of the district government, the district commissioner, the superintendent of police and the last 8 will be from the political parties.

This act, if implemented, will not affect any Muslim mosque, Buddhist pagodas or Christian church.

Hindu activists also claim that this is another way to demolish the Hindus of Bangladesh after 180 temples, 277 houses, 58 businesses were burned down or vandalized just in 2013.

Sources: http://www.newagebd.com/detail.php?date=2013-06-29&nid=54904

June 04, 2013

11-year old girl raped for 55 days

Her A+ in the intermediate assessment test brought her fame from even the local parliament member in Tongi, Bangladesh. She dreamed of the studies she would complete past 5th grade and continue on to her higher studies. But, everything was clouded for her on April 6th when she was kidnapped on her way home from school.

This 11-year old innocent Hindu girl was forcefully converted to Islam, which she had no idea of, and she was then married off to a man named Manik. For 55 days she was raped by Manik and other members of the group.

She was put to marriage that she did not agree to legally by a mollah, a Muslim priest. Being so young and naive, she didn't even understand what they were making her do when she was forcefully married. She was repeatedly raped from the day after she was kidnapped and the other kidnappers also tried to rape her.

At the age of 11, she cries of her life, which she cannot get back and change. As for Bangladesh, this incident has brought to light the conditions that Bangladeshi minorities are living through every day, which is primarily targeted towards the young Hindu girls.

Source: ধর্মান্তর ও ধর্ষণের শিকার মেধাবী স্কুলছাত্রী :: খবর :: কালের কণ্ঠ

March 10, 2013

Foreign Criminals Using WH Online Petition

A petition has been made in the White House petition website that is being scammed by a terrorist network organized in Bangladesh. Sachalayatan, a blogging platform from Bangladesh exposed the techniques that the terrorist organization named Jamaat-e-Islami is using. It gives the complete way from creating fake emails to how to sign in the petition.

How would you send thousands of emails to the White House to stop the warcrimes tribunal?
A petition has been set up at the White House to stop the conspiratorial hanging of the leaders of Jamaat at the farcical tribunal in Bangladesh, which needs 100,000 signatures. If it is possible to get 100,000 signatures by March 18, Barak Obama will give out a statement protesting and condemning this and will take necessary actions against it. In order to reach the target quickly, you can follow the easy procedures described below.
1. Open your browser and click on the following link. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/express-concern-against-international-war-crime-tribunal-and-mob-justice-bangladesh/6gg04svt
2. You will first have to create an account with an email to sign this petition.
3. Now open another tab and go to this link: http://www.fakemailgenerator.com/
4. In the second tab, you will get a temporary email address which you have to copy. Then create a new account in the petition with this email. Wait until you get a confirmation link in the inbox. If you don’t get the confirmation link, go to the inbox and then copy and paste the email here (in the mail box) with which you signed up.
5. After creating the new account, sign the White House petition. Then close this tab and reopen it. (You may copy this link somewhere or bookmark it in the browser.)
6. Then again from the second tab, create a new mail ID using http://www.fakemailgenerator.com/ and create a new account at the White House petition page.
Don’t share this procedure on the Facebook wall, rather inform your friends of this via Facebook message or via emails. Please visit our blog daily. And to inform everyone in cell phones, use the following link to send SMS (text message) from PCs:
(N.B: Besides opening the White House petition site in our browser, you need to open the site fakemailgenerator.com in a second tab.)
If you don’t understand, please comment.” Sachalayatan writer enamulhoque1 translates the complete site into English.

Enamul Hoque also provided graphs to illustrate the way the fake emails has been used. One such graph shows that from Port Arthur, Texas, A. A. initialized name signed the petition more tan 400 times. This completely proves that the signs in the petition has been faked. The statistics from Port Arthur also shows that out of 473 signatures from Port Arthur, 476 were from the same place. The second diagram states that the spike from 26th February. In the side, it also shows that the Port Arthur, Texas. This region has the population of 54,000 but 1% of all the signatures for the petition came from this area and with the same initials, A. A.

Bangladesh has been facing violence by the Islamic terrorist organization Jamaat-e-Islami. They have rampages through minority communities and ordinary Bangladeshi citizens after their leaders were brought to trial for war crimes. It is claimed that they have ties to Pakistan and other criminal groups. Minority houses have been taken down, women have been raped and countless have been killed.

March 03, 2013

New Nazi and Hitler in Bangladesh

Families after families and houses after house are burning in Bangladesh. The international media has not taken any notice so far as another civil war erupted in the 8th populated nation. Bangladesh has always been a nation with Muslim majority; however, with the large population of minorities, there had been amiable nature between all of the sects. There has been one party that had been on the rise which is trying to transform the country into the state that Pakistan is in.

Recently, Hindus, minorities in Bangladesh has been targeted the most. Temples throughout the nation has been vandalized. In Noakhali, 76 Hindu houses had been burned down. Countless lives has been lost, but the international media is still silent and the human rights commissions are silent.

This "Bangla Spring" has been rarely taken into notice by the American government and American media. However, if the Islamic sects succeed, then there is a likely chance that Bangladesh will be turned into Afghanistan or Pakistan. This might become a major problem for not just Bangladesh's minorities and for the Western countries as well as Bangladesh might turn out to be a terrorist nation.

Prosecutors have compared one of the most important war criminals to Hitler. It was decided that the entire world will look into any nation that suffers from similar atrocity. Just as the Jews had been excavated out of their homeland and killed and raped, the minorities has also been punished the same way but the world didn't look at them. 

This atrocity should be stopped. Let those cries be stopped. Let the new Nazi Jamaat be stopped.