March 28, 2009

A Cry for my grandfather

This is another story of my life. I have this feeling for all my life. This is my edgerness to see my grandfather from my mother's side. He was a doctor, a local doctor who helped the poor with his treatment. As I think, you have to help the person who actually needs help. So he also believed in that. My story is due to his death which was right before I was born. I was born about 3 months after. He had died in December 25th and I was born in March. This made me a scavage not to see a great man like him. It is said that he took care of dogs in the neighborhood and any poor would get the to eat from his house. His wife (my grandma) would not like it sometimes but he continued to help. My mother also told me she would not like when this people came and they would crowd the house but when she asked her father, he told her that she would understand the joy for this when she knows better.

For me, I think he had experiece in life like no one could imagine. He knew every move of life and what would be good from that. He was what a doctor should be, with the personality and with the knowledge. That is the main conception every doctor should have. They are the carer of all the people so they would have to take care of the world like that.

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