January 08, 2009


For me, the people who learned a lot and does not apply that are called smart-dumbs. They are found everywhere in this stage of time. They can be found driving the taxi, making their living. They can also be found working in their own business.
Little work, or business, where they make all their living and make the money so that they can live happily with their family. This is not be be a offensive post, but my opinion. My opinion on the CEOs that are around the world at this stage, making all that they need. They are the CEOs from big corps such as Bank of America, General Motors, General Electrics and many more. They have the same goal as I suppose, to make their business bigger.
But what they are currently doing is not doing that at all. They are actually destroying what they have and what they are going to have in the future. They are performing this by buying new jets or coming to the same place at the same time with the same urgency for more money. They don't even have an answer for what they are doing. The government is giving them the money but they are not using it for their benifit to make their buisness bigger and stronger.
Please, all of you CEOs out their who think that my words are correct, take my opinion and change your mood. For the ones who did not understand, then I would tell you, without my angry words that the title fits you. You should be minded not "do not mind about this" or dnmat (from texting). This words are used by me everyday as I shorten them out and fit them to every regular people. So do not think that you are different from that. You are the same, so change your ways, CEOs.
You have taken so much education that you have the knowledge to know if this is correct or not. I or someone from the gov does not have to tell you that. You should know how you can do the business but if you all have a hard time, then do not get scared, there is always help from those people who does not understand.
As a child under 18, I am being affected by this. So I hope would change anyone who does not want to listen to a small kid, giving them speeches after speeches. This is to encourage you to take the bail out money and use it wisely among your corporation. My parents are being affected by this, so I don't want to see this happen like everyone else. We had dropped in the Great Depression but that was a mistake. We cannot do the same mistakes again. So please, please, please change the way you are acting.
Everyone is yelling. If this occurs again, the human being will never forgive you. So change the way you are acting and the most important word to consider, change.

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