February 20, 2009

Their Knowledge

No one would think that the smart ones like them would be so dumb. I do not write this to offend anyone but they are, really and who are they. They are some of the people who supports BNP, Bangladesh Nationalist Party in Bangladesh.What do they know? Lets see, I had heard this man in Projanmo Forum named AUL and he is a real dumb or from what I have read, he is for sure. That is because of his igonorrence in the topic that I saw. It was supposed to be joke when another user said that a Jaamat had another BNP in his back so that when he gets scrowled, he does not get hurt but the BNP gets that . But this man did not understand this at all and took it to another limit. He said that it is out of his bounds and he said that this is true and he believed it. He asked for mroe information about this news and it turned into another real joke that no one thought of.

Until the last point of my view I saw him entertaining the crowed so I guess people like him with this knowledge acutally supports these kinds of parties. Or else who would do that, there must be some like him...

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