April 22, 2008

Why? No Answer?

Before writing this article, I had tested some of my idea with the help of the internet. I used the Facebook and the help from amarblog.com to do this. amarblog.com is a site made by a Hindu man (that is what I know) and it is here where you can write anything you like. It can be free to write about anything from your point of view on religion to politics to even daily life stories. Also, I saw that their slogan was "It is my blog, whatever it can be". So I wrote a little article about bangladeshihindu.com in that blog.
I got really scared at the fact that came up in the comments. You can have a look at those comments here, but they are all in Bengali. I titled my article New Site. What came was really really awful. The second comment said "I didn't look at the site and posted a comment. Now I am going to kick you out. You Indian f**ker." When the third comment came, it said that it liked the site and told me to change some phonetic version of the site. But the 1, 2nd commenter commented again. Now he said: Its for Indians. There are problems between Hindus and Muslim, which is not a problem. But look at the look at the problem in Bangladesh. To make a problem here, these bi**h have come. When another person named creation101 started writing back to him with all those bad languages, the problem rose some more. The first user named Makorsha or Spider said "The people from India always think grammar first, not the people from North America. And I am from there you stupid."
Then Sourav joined spider and started to blame creation101. calling him a scoundrel. Another user named arirang said "Spider, I cannot stop thanking you. Kick them all out of here". It continued and continued making fun of me and fun of what I wrote and the site. No one was thinking that if there are sites about Muslims, then why cannot there be any for Hindus and even if they wanted to blame us, they should have kept it with convincing words, not curses.
Then I wrote another small article in that blog about Qur'an in Facebook. Its about this new application that has come out about the Qur'an. First I got a lot of start, all 5 out of 5. Then I got two comments thanking me for posting something that is this valuable.
You can have a look at it here: http://amarblog.com/ssdt/25829

So what should I generalize at last? Should I say that these Muslims can only think about themselves. They think that anything else than Muslim is awful. But did the Qur'an say that they should do something like that? Or are they only using the Qur'an as a backup of everything that they do? They want to prove that their religion is the best and where can they have peace then they don't have peace between themselves?
These questions will not be answered. But if you have a comment about this, please let me know. I would like to hear more from Muslims who have studied their religion and tell me if this is told in their religion. And if not, I am still looking for the answer of why they are doing this. If you can help me find the answer for that, please post comments.

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