June 22, 2008

Women in Hinduism

I was inspired to write this when I came face to face with a question about the rights of Hindu women. It was started due to the controversy that women of Muslim religion are not given that much rights. Here I am not going to criticize that religion but I am going to say what our religion says about this. It is based on my research on the Vedas.
If we look in the Rig Veda, then we can see in Samhita, part 1, sukta 79, sloka 872 that-
laxmipuja"The wife should do agnihotra (yagna), sandhya (puja) and all other daily religious rituals. If, for some reason, her husband is not present, the woman alone has full rights to do yagna.". So this means that the women has the same right has the men to worship the God. They are allowed to go to the Mandirs or Temples whenever they want to. Even in some religions we cannot find that happen.
Most importantly, in Hinduism, the women has the right that they deserve. I will not say that it is the best because anything in this world can be better, but I can say that it is definitely one of the most thoughtful work done by the past ancestors of this religion. We can see that all of our God has a female version creating a join between these two. It is due to this that we currently have something where the females of Hinduism can worship them and anyone they like and the male can worship anyone they like.
They are also given the title of Mother who has all the love that a mother provides for their child and that is why they are looked differently in Hinduism and given the right to do anything they think that is good because if there was none of them, then there might have not been this men here in this world. Hinduism has reformed the age with the rules that isolated women in the religion. It said that when a man dies, the woman or the wife has to sacrifce herself with the man. King Ram Mohon Roy has transformend this believe to something that we now all know as the theme that it is not due to them that the man died. So why should the other get punished for that. Ishwar Chandra Vidwashagar has also transformend the fact that anyone who is a women and doesn't have the husband can't marry after the death of the Husband. This has been changed to something that we all know now that they can beacuse Hinduism is a religion of transformation and change. It is not by the man of 700 B.C. where there was no technolongy of anything. So now after the change from that we can see how the man and woman have the same amount of rights in the social places and not like before where after the man had their wife dead could go and marry another woman.
The world has changed and the religion has changed and that is needed or else nothing would to allowed to happen to the society of Hinduism. God Vishnu has mentioned in the Vishnupuran after creating Laxmi that like a lotus is not the lotus without its scent, the same way a man is not full without the woman. So they come hand in hand creating something that is as dynamic as the World.

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