April 26, 2009

Akbar's Connection with Race

Why are the Hindus being demolished in Bangladesh? There are a lot of reasons to that. The Muslims, the radical ones for sure and one that everyone suggests. But isn't there anything else than that? Isn't there problem with the Hindus themselves? Aren't we giving up our land that every Hindu calls their land, India in the hands of Muslims? From the period of Akabar, we have not taken care of where we are currently staying but only caring about how we can manage our property.
Let's look at that time period. Akbar had married Haraka Bai, a Hindu. She was Raja Bharmal's daughter. Akbar persuaded both Bharmal and Rajput to take her. This was the turning point that everyone thinks is responsible for what happened afterwards. Now there was not much difference between the Hindus and the Muslims. She even changed her name to Mariam-uz-zamani to make herself look much more like a Muslim.
Now we could see that everything that ever happened in history has to have a beginning. Now where did this have the beginning of racial discrimination in South Asia? For me, I think that this started from here because she was never let to visit her father's property and she had to stay in a outcast area, sometimes not even with her husband so that she could not make another problem in Akbar's kingdom.


  1. History is history. No-one can make any changes. So, are you trying to say that all Hindues should just give up Hinduism and turn muslims? It does seem so. Therefore, I do not feel that you talk from your brain or heart. History can be altered by telling people, what happened then just happened once. It is no big deal. When the partition took place, Hinduism were not aware how bad the muslims were or what they will do as they were neibourghs beforehand. Whatever happened in past, happened in past, why do the future generations need to deal with the problems of past? The proper solution is to bring in justice. We all know, muslims are brainwashed as we can see what is happening in Iraq, Afganistain, etc. They are going to Nepal and altering them to Muslim. I wonder, at the end of the day whether Christan's and Muslims will have a big war so these two religious people getting many people as they can on their side. If so, I feel I am very happy being a minority religion of the world.

  2. Thank you for such a great comment. I totally agree with the fact that you have mentioned here. They are totally correct that it is history. Also I believe that they should be taken to justice just as you say. Thanks again for such a comment showing a thoughtful opinion.