April 14, 2009

Go! TubeMogul

Tubemogul, not a popular name like Youtube and Dailymotion, but it is worth it's name. It should be praised for such a work. It is a promoting and syndicating site for videos. Just upload it to their's and they will manage it afterwards to upload it to other sites like Youtube, Dailymotion, Veoh, Veiom, Facebook and many more. There is more to that, they let's you to take it to your notice and everyone elses. You can register to their better account where your videos will be in the fornt page of other sites so that you get more and more visits. What else do you need?

They only have a size limit till now which lets you to upload upto 300 megabytes but if it gains popularity like it is doing to me, I'm sure that one day it will come to become a major site in the internet and video sharing site's industry.

To go to Tubemogul, click here.

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