April 28, 2009

I'm Not a Pig

The Swine flu that has risen throughout the country is a major concern for the world (at least the western hemisphere). There is so much talk about it that a great deal of change has been made throughout. Some were made in social life, some in diet and some with Google, the popular search engine that is now dominating the cyber world. What is happening?
Check out this link. (The link might not work for users of other operating systems because mine is Ubuntu). This link is just a search of swine flu in Google Maps, just a simple search. Now how did it spread? Who was the first to bring this virus? There is no information about that but it is something that is affecting the world. This has made a catastrophic discovery for the whole nation.
By going to school, I observed how they mentioned the swine flu frequently. Some teachers tried to stop them from thinking about it. But no one actually did. Like me, I didn't think about it first when my brother informed me about it. But later on, I seemed to get on this and start thinking about what it actually is. Some students that doesn't even pay attention in class was talking about it and talking was forming fear for the ones that took no notice at all in the news.
My brother also told me about how the Middle Ages were destroyed by the rat carried flu "The Black Death" caused a lot of problem in the rising era. Isn't this the rising era too? Shouldn't there be a rise on how there is the so much going on in the 20th century?
I'm not a pig but still I'm afraid of it, this is what everyone is doing. I know it is spreading but if it is to come, then can you stop it from getting into you? I don't think so, and then why are so much people scared on how it is spreading? Just think about it and inform everyone about this. Tell everyone how it is affecting them and how it can affect them. You don't have to do anything other than that.
Just remember this as I had leaned about it, "if death is to come, then it will come even if you try to stop it with all your mighty strength".

Picture Credit: BBC News

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