April 19, 2009

Internet Plans for NY

I have a broadband internet connection in my computer. This connection is supposed to give me 1.5 megabytes of speed. This should be my downloading speed but what do I get? I get around 350/kbps which is a lot slower than what I pay for. This is what Verizon is supposed to give me but they are now giving me this.
So I tried out Earthlink and Road Runner, the other two internet service providers that you can get in New York City. I tried my phone number and in one occasion giving my full address to check if my location is eligible for broadband from other companies. I found that you have to pay a lot of money with Road Runner and Earthlink, they work at my area but it is just the dial-up.
With my post, I want the government to listen to me. I know that if they listen to me, they will make FIOS come to my location which is New York City. New York City is called the capital of the world but it doesn't seem to be with what I am facing. But shouldn't there be some technologies with that city where there is millions of people living and coming everyday?

Please everyone should talk about this because President Obama is trying to make it more digital with FIOS all over the country but please consider New York City first.

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