April 03, 2009

Let's Get the Goods of Ubuntu over Windows

Lets talk about the good about the Ubuntu over Windows.

First: Install Bluetooth in Ubuntu and in Windows
If you install it in Ubuntu 6.10
1. Plug in the dongle in a USB port.
2. Search for ‘bluetooth’ in Add/Remove Applications, and install Bluetooth File Sharing.
3. Select files, right click and start sending ‘em via bluetooth!

If you install it in Windows
1. Pop in the driver CD of the dongle. Install the driver.
2. Restart machine.
3. Plug in the dongle in a USB port.
4. Find the data transfer software on the driver CD and install it.
5. Select services (OBEX transfer, HID , Bluetooth dialup etc.) that I want to be able to use between the phone and PC.

Isn't this called user-friendly now? Why does everyone else say its not?

Visual & Memory
Windows takes up more memory when it runs with the visual effects. Some people even leaves their Windows without much difference in their graphics. But if you use Ubuntu you can have compiz installed in your computer with the system and still use little amount of memory. To see more visual effects in your Ubuntu system, click on this link.


Now if you talk about money, there is no talk. That is because Ubuntu believes in free and open-source and Windows does not. You don't need to buy each of the antivirus everytime and you don't need the to spend extra money on Microsoft Office and Anti-viruses.

People Should Start Using it
People should have started it from before. For example, if you started speaking English from the start of your life, then you should really frequent in it too. Then if you start to learn French, then it would be really hard for it.

Visual Basic is Dead
Visual Basic is a really out of date programming language. No one in these days actually uses it. Visual Basic.NET or VB.NET is not the same as that. So you should really get out of what Windows uses, VB that had created most of the viruses. Linux or Ubuntu is created with Computing or C and C++. This means that they are made with a common language that everyone uses in these days and you can also develop it in your own. Just learn C++ and you can solve problems by yourself and also develop them in your own.

Learn Command Lines
Learn the command lines which are much easier than the other graphical install. Command lines are much easier than graphical which is also available. Some people don't actually know that there is a terminal in the system but still they are using that. Check out this link where it is full graphical to install Ubuntu applications.

Malware is fully in Windows that dominates the system. Some people have never heard of w32/sasser, nimda, netsky, I-Worm.Klez, Sircam malwares and still that is what they are using. Do not think that viruses and malwares do not come up so quickly when you just click on an .exe file. They can come by other methods too. Some come up through the internet and some by network computers. They come through LSASS, RPC, MS-SQL server buffer overflow that comes through the network. They do not have to some up by confickr.exe for confickr virus. Virus developers do not develop them through an .exe file and show them though those files. If you run patch from internet, then they also brings you virus. They bring up more virus and it is not recommened that you should not use patches because most of them contain viruses.

Microsoft's History
Microsoft's first successful software developed was DOS. It was IBM's x86 that was developed before Bill Gates or Paul Alan. Bill Gates agreed with them to make a Operating System for them. He went out with IBM's cars and went out to hire a programmer for the job. The programmer named it QDOS which stands for Quick and Dirty Operating System. He later changed it bit by bit and named it MS-DOS. Windows 1 copied the graphics from Polo Altor Research Lab's prototype. Then Mr. Alan and Mr. Gates copied their design to theirs.

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