April 25, 2009

Schools of New York

My math and science teacher are both making a mess with the regents. They all tell that it is going to be hard as you can't believe it. But are they actually trying to scare us with their harsh talk so that we can work in class? I have no clue about it but it might be that they want to help us. Whatever it might be, I think that there should be better idea on education and how to run it in New York.
For me, I think that the education system of New York should be based on what the students like and not what they are forced to do. By this, I mean that the subjects should be chosen by the students themselves from young age so that they could know all about it and concentrate on it. Like me, I don't have much interest on mathematics and science but I have to learn it whatsoever. If I could only learn more about history and social studies (social subjects), I think that it would be much easier for me. But there is no way for us to do that because we have to take regents on those two subjects.
Now am I saying this because I have to take the regents? No. The tests for social studies look a lot easier for me and even if I don't study, they don't confuse me like the math and the science test does. Tests should be for fun and they shouldn't be the only way that the teachers check on a student. They should include points for participation, homework and extra activities that not everyone has to do but if you want it, then you can do it.
In total, I just want to see the education system of New York change. Change in this small location could bring change to the world. Like a famous quote said: "You have to be the change itself to see the change in everyone".

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