April 26, 2009

So Warm!

I was facing warm conditions in the United States for some days now. I live in New York and this is only April now. April and 6 years ago at this time, I came to this country feeling all cold. I had to bundle up and produce a lot of heat from my body to keep myself warm. But now, it is totally different. There is no rain, no snow, not even windy climate but humid.

I checked out this report in BDnews24, a news agency from my country, Bangladesh. It said that Bangladesh was facing heat too. But how can that be possible that both countries faces heat at the same time? Well, it seems that Global Warming is correct, doesn't it?

Now lets see, Bangladesh is in the equator, catching most of the direct insolation from the sun. But us, we are up in the north, and also in the western hemisphere. But still everything is going well with ConEd supplying all the electricity that is needed.

Then if we look at Bangladesh, there is not much electricity and one person has already died due to the heat. This report states that it is 42.2 degrees Celsius and this man walked up to a sit and after sitting down, he was dead.

Sad but true stories like this happens throughout third world countries and this is just a plain example of what actually happens. There is nothing to be done because whatever there is to be taken, there has be the poverty level brought down. But it is not taken down by any of the parties till now.

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