April 16, 2009

Together We Stand, Divided We Fall

Linux, mostly Ubuntu users like me who is a complete newbie at this has faced a lot of problems with the installation of Ubuntu softwares. There is a reason to that too. The most important reason for that is the file type. Because of the file type, a person like me would say that .deb file is the best one around but there is not much applications that uses .deb file.
Due to my brother and also me, I have to install Sopcast in the Ubuntu computer but I faced problem with the .deb because there is no official .deb package for Ubuntu's Sopcast. There's .tar, .tar.gz and many other formats. These formats does not only cause kind of catastrophic problems but many more than that.
I could not compile the file and I couldn't make it worth using. I wondered if I could actually see the cricket games through this but I couldn't.
At last I found a .deb package that actually works and it was gsopcast. gsopcast got installed in my computer but it had problems too. It's major problem was that it couldn't play anything from the site I watch it from, myp2p.eu where there is a list of channels where you can watch all different types of sports, news and entertainment channels.
My main reason for writing this is that if there was only one type of package that is in Windows, then there would be much easier tips to this because then everyone would concentrate on only one kind of package and then they would not later mess it up which is happening now with small, useful programs like Sopcast.

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