April 15, 2009

What we need to have

Hindus are not a religion with everything that is needed. In modern times, we need faith in ourselves. We do not have faith in ourselves that makes everything for the others to take over. For example, today I heard my father talk to another Hindu about how Lord Krishna has married several times. He said that the Lord has married about "three" times. Then he looks for the difference between us and the Muslims who can also marry a lot of times.
For me, I think that there is a lot of difference between the two religions. For the marriage section, there is a difference because in Sreemadbhagabad Geeta, the Lord had said: Women are part of the nature and Men is the other part of life.
This means that he was marrying the nature which is the same as him joining with the nature which he already is.
This cannot be understood by me or anyone why he actually did this but it must be with some reason. It cannot be even understood by the Gurus but He sure understands it. They have changed a lot during these days. I look at myself and see how I have changed and it is remarkable. To say that I have changed is this that I am not what I used to be with all the rules following and following what we were. We were not to fight unless we were Kshatriya but we are now changing that to fight. That is all because of change, we have to change and it cannot be done to stop that.
What we need is courage and if we lived in Bangladesh with all the courage, then there wouldn't be any cause of religous discrimination in Bangladesh.

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