April 05, 2009

What's coming up in Ubuntu 9.04

In short and easy, what is actually coming up in Ubuntu 9.04? The version is named Jaunty Jacklope and it will include a lot of new features.

Gnome Upgraded

One of the most important one is Gnome is upgraded. It will be upgraded to 2.26. Gnome gives you all of the programs and applications. Without this, you would not have all the applications. My Gnome for example is 2.24.1 which includes many programs but the new version will have more.
Here's a list of new features from Gnome's official site:
  • Dark widget theme
  • Flat widget theme
  • Compact widget theme for small screens
  • Provide color variations on some of the existing themes
  • Initial set of 256x256 icons
  • Nicer GNOME Panel icons
  • Update outdated desktop emblems Colorscheme support on themes and appearance capplet
  • Testsuite with a good coverage
  • Better developer documentation
  • Metadata integration with a common GNOME framework
  • OCR support
  • Better integrated postscript support with text search, etc.
  • Bonobo deprecation
  • GtkHtml deprecation/WebKit integration

    • Update the Platform Overview to reflect changes in the platform such as the upcoming gio/gvfs, search technologies, and D-Bus desktop services
    • Cleanup Human Interface Guidelines 2.0 with updated screenshots and other misc fixes
    • Revamp the Documentation Handbook in order to reflect recent and upcoming changes to the documentation system, such as Mallard and Rarian
    • The following documents are on the drawing board:
      • Internationalization Guide
      • Optimization Guide
    • Support for easy PDF generation
    • Webcam support
    • Common widgets/gst helpers
    • GNOME media converter
    • a2dp/upnp integration
    • Live streaming recording in sound-recorder or podcaster
    • Audio configuration tester (test surround installation, for example)
    • Better and usable encoding profiles
    • New library for the applets
    • Compatibility layer for old Bonobo applets and remove Bonobo usage in the Panel
    • New interaction model for managing applets: activate/deactivate an applet instead of adding/removing it, eg. Possibly, a mode for editing the panel contents
    • Better integration with multi-user setups (eg. have a Switch to "user" in the logout dialog)
    • Simplify the panel code related to Session/GDM: only call dbus methods that will be implemented by GNOME Session
    • Eye-candy additions
    • Improved EWMH/ICCCM support
    • Improved DnD interaction with applications
    • SELinux-related labels for windows
    • Support for pluggable lockdown addons for applications
    • Switch test module to chosen Distributed Version Control System (DVCS)
    • Upgrade GNOME Bugzilla to 3.0 (while keeping all customizations not yet upstreamed)
      • Switch from RT3 to Bugzilla
    • Make use of 'configuration management software'
    • Support for Project Mallard documents
    • Online editing and support for merging annotations with content
Long list right? This was just for everyone. I didn't even put what was coming for the developers.

x.org Server Upgraded

The ones that uses server will get a better performance with the new X.ORG server. This will integrate all of your performance on the net and how fast your net runs.

Style and Notification
A new style and notification system is given. Check out this link for more information about the notification that you would get from Pidgin. New wallpaper and new theme has also been introduced.

Boot Performance
The boot is the most awesome part about 9.04. It is fast and powerful. It is said to load it 21.4 seconds. The splash screen is also changed to help with the fastness. Check out the new splash screen here. To know more about 21.4 seconds load, click here.

Kernel Upgraded
Kernel has been upgraded to

Ext4 Installation Introduced

There will be ext3 support but a new one is introduced with that and that is ext4. There has been some risks on using ext4 where it is causing some outrage on people with the old version and how it will make the system unbootable.

To know more about 9.04, check out Ubuntu.

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  1. This was a really nice article but the issues that we can see with the new version is not that likely. They contain a lot of bugs in it that are to be fixed.