May 30, 2009

The Anatomy of a Silent Crisis

A book with the title of The Anatomy of a Silent Crisis was published by the Global Humanitarian Forum of Geneva. The President of the forum, Kofi Annan was established this for the first time about climate crisis. The book contains a lot of situations that are faced by human being till this day because of the climate change. It states the long term environmental problems that are to be faced by us. Malnutrition, malaria, and poverty is one of the major factor of what we are watching in this report. The report is published in Global Humanitarian Forum's website for anyone to download and read in PDF format. The report claims that with this report, it will be able to shout the voice of millions that are suffering from this and if the proper amount of notice are taken, then hundreds of thousands of deaths will be saved. The report also claims that about 75% of the world's population are affected this climate change. Half a billion are suffering the extremes and poverty is also controlling the other part of the population with fear.
They also claim in their report that if the proper amount of concentration are not taken, then it might turn out that the loss in both economically and in human population doubles. Economic losses are already about 100 billion a year due to the environmental crisis. This is about 3/4 of GDP's single country's figure.
Now to hear the statistics:
Cyclone Sidr of Bangladesh made the death toll of about 3400 and economical damage upto 1.6 billion dollars.
Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar had a death toll of 150000 and economical loss of 4 billion dollars.
Poor countries are only affecting 18% of the Green House gases, the other 82% are from the industrialized countries.

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