May 03, 2009

At least play with some 20/20 style

I was watching cricket, Indian Premire League. It was Kolkata Knight Riders vs. Kings XI Punjab. IPL's main target is to get people with the new Twenty/20 system and get familiar with that. Now, are they actually making any progress with that? At least I can say that they haven't made any progress with one team, the Kolkata Knight Riders.
I'm from a country where they speak Bangla and Calcutta also speaks Bangla. So I thought about supporting them from the last season. There were other teams that played even better but I thought about my origin and took the support for them. But there was no help to that.
Still they fail and now it is the second season and still they are stuggling. McCullum, Gayle and most importantly Ganguly are the figure-heads in this team who haven't shown much throughout the season. SRK's team was really popular at the beginning but now, they are below down on the ground, trying to rise up to see what is actually happeninig. If they can't play with the bowling, shouldn't they try batting because they have good batsmen. At least try to play with some Twenty20 style!

Blog post written while watching this match:

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  1. awful match, have to say that