May 23, 2009

From 8th to 1st?

When everyone is watching what is going on in the Indian Premiere League, I write a post again to describe this issue. Lalit Modi, the creator of IPL and a businessman who has studies business at Duke Universty has made some changes that are ought to watch. One of it is what everyone is calling, set-up. Everyone is thinking that how can someone who was the Eighth last season be the first or at least the second? Also how can someone go down and not get picked? Is there any set-up? Is he only trying to entertain us by making the matches close and maybe closer than usual? First I have to look at the match that is to happen today. If he is trying to make us entertained, then today is the day he would use to create a draw and then a superover. Superovers would make a lot of sense with the amount of fun it has. Also we had see Gilchrist's hits yesterday and they were all unbelievable. Some questions still goes on, is he just trying to keep up with the entertainment and not the game and just trying to earn the money?
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