May 10, 2009

Globalization: POV 1

Gobalization in my point of view.
As the title states here, it is only my point of view on what I have seen throughout the years. The changes that I have seen from where they were. There will be a sequel of posts about this topic and these post are, again my opinions and is not to harm anyone's feelings.
From 2000 to now, 2009, there has been nine years passing by. They have almost gone through us without us noticing. What if we look back at what we had in the past to where we are standing. First comes how industries are growing.
As a kid grown up in Dhaka, I have seen hardships in one side and industrialization in another. This is because of the difference in rich and poor that has affected both of our status, both the rich and poor. I would see the rich throw out the food and that food, the remaining was later picked up by the poor. There was no work that these poor could do even if they wanted to. Some had lost their hands or their legs. Some were disabled physically or some mentally after going to hardships of losing family members. But this was not all that was to it.

How has our lives changed with globalization?
That will be in the next post.

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