June 11, 2009

200 Million Homeless in 2050

A new research has shown that by 2050, 200 million will be homeless in South Asian countries. They would not be fleeing over the country for political unsuitability or violence but for the very land and water that they used before. One evidence of this is in the Mekong River of Vietnam where the water level is rising two meters and destroying the nearby farmlands. Many analysts have said that with the amount of population and poverty, it is almost unstoppable by now.
But will all these be able to move out so that they do not face this problem? It is not very likely to migrate all those population out of the country and make them move out. Also, many do not want to move from their own land and do not want to make them move out of the country. They do not want to change their border area either but still want to leave. How is that actually possible in this situation? These homeless refugees that are to double in the years will not know until they actually face this.
Vietnam and Bangladesh are both named for this disaster and might face stronger storms than what they faced in Hurricane Sidr or Hurricane Nargis.

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