June 04, 2009

AL Has Contradiction In Them

Bangladesh's one of the major party, Awami League is now in power after 1/11 and many other situations that they had gone through. They had all promised to make Bangladesh a better nation that they had not seen in the last five years when Bangladesh Nationalist Party was here. But what have we seen so far?
One of the most confusing part that we have seen in the past few weeks was contradiction. They had confusing statements from their own ministers. This is a major unavoidable problem that AL has seen that was not just a problem for them but problem that needs to be fixed for the whole nation. If this problem is not fixed, then more and more will rise and the opposing party will try to take that for their own benefit. If that is not fixed, not just more problems will rise, more and more who were believing AL will then start to believe BNP for that they think is right.
AL is thought to make the country free of internal problems for example, giving rights to minorities and ones who are not much in the country. They have shown respect to those who are not Muslim which was not seen in the BNP and char-dol. With the help of that, they win more votes from the minorities but these votes are sometimes not taken care of by not fixing the places that was supposed to be fixed.
One example is in my hometown which is still called a village because there is no electricity. The electricity had gone up to the local markets but not more than that. In the Hindu area of the village, the electricity is still invisible and many of the roads are still in need of fix. One of these type of road or a small bridge has a hole in the middle which stops many rickshaws from going into the Hindu area from the market. These type of bridges and roads that still has only soil in the 21st century needs to be fixed first and then there would be more votes waiting for that party. But there is nothing seen till this day, only hopeless villagers.
This is just one village among the millions of villages in Bangladesh. These type of villages are not just breaking apart but they are not building up. The government needs to fix their eye on those that had given them votes and not to the upper class. Then their downfall is to come for sure.
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