June 20, 2009

Changing Your Belief

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What is it like when you change your belief? Hindus and many minorities in Bangladesh are facing this problem of changing their religion. I have also seen my close relatives in Bangladesh change their faith to Islam and then they cannot stick to it. Then my question is, why have you changed your religion? Most of them would say it's because of money, to live in Bangladesh feely and safely because you would not be treated the same if you are a Muslim person and a Hindu person. This is because who actually control the government system of Bangladesh. Bangladesh's Constitution starts off with a Arab slogan or phrase that stands of Allah is almighty but in the constitution it is stated that Bangladesh is a secular country. How is it secular if the constitution that everyone is supposed to follow starts off with such a quote?
Why do someone who had never believed in Islam has to hold the Quran when they are in the court? Is it all because who dominates the country or is it because they want to change your belief?
For me though, I believe that if you change your belief it is almost like changing your own self. That is because you would not want to change your belief when you are believing in yourself but when you are done believing in yourself and thin that you are not able to do anything of that sort, you would want to change to the other religion that influences you more than anything or any other religion does.

Most of the change in belief in Bangladesh happens due to:
  • Monetary causes where poor are told to receive money if they convert
  • Influences where if you live in a Muslim dominated neighborhood, you would not call yourself Hindu or celebrate any of the festivals that the Hindus have but more likely to celebrate the ones from Muslims
  • Forced when you would not want to change or convert but other Muslims would come and say that you would be killed if you don't convert
There are many other reasons to converting in that small country but these are the major factors that anyone could spot.

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