June 14, 2009

Warmth With Money

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DLF IPL, a rather popular game of cricket has caused the very Indians who have started it to go down. Lalit Modi, a really rich businessman had started this tournament with the goal to get Indians to love Twenty20. He had made eight teams to play each other and the prizes for every single match were huge amount of rupees. Even the cup was made with a lot of money which included very valuable elements that were never seen by the Indians.

What is Lalit Modi's target?

As he had said in the media, his target by making the DLF IPL was to get Indians to like Twenty20 format of the game. But now, the game has gone more than just that. He had shown every single player a lot of money for whatever they could make. He had the target to give them money that the players were not getting from ICC but now it had gone out of what ICC can do. There would not be much of any international cricket but more of the domestic ones which are between the states and the Indians who includes many international players. He had been part of the BCCI or the Board of Control for Cricket in India. This man has bought it more than that and having been part of BCCI, wanted to expand his business.

New rules

With Lalit Modi's new IPL, he had new rules and one of the favorite one that no one liked was the stratergic timeout which would change the game totally. If one team was winning from one side, then he made the other team win with opposite force after the timeout break. In this time it was said that the coach would come and teach the players about what they should do, but how could that change the match totally? How could almost every match be close where there isn't much match closeness in this ICC Twenty20 World Cup? Is this all part of luck or is there other reasons to this? Yes, cricket is a game of total luck and if luck favors you for that day, even the world's worst team can beat the world's toughest but how can it all change so dramatically? Is there a setup behind all these matches?

It Hurt the Indian Cricket Team

IPL had hurt the Indian Cricket team the most because every single one of them was in the matches in this season's IPL. They played stright so many games that they were either hurt and left behind in the country for the ICC tournament or they were not in form from the other matches that they had played. Many cricketers now didn't care much about who would win in their country game but laughed on the last game against England. They lost which was a do or die match for the Indians and they lost this game without much imporvement or any knowledge to show what they were capable of because they were the champions from two years ago. Dhoni, the captain has also changed from two years ago and now didn't care much when Sewag was hurt and sent home from England.

Now it is time for the Indian Cricket team to change, to change so that they do not play for moeny for play for their country, their pride, the country's pride and say good-bye to IPL and many other forms of cricket that tells them only about the money and nothing else.

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