June 26, 2009

India Serious About Child Labor

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Hiring children to work as nannies or maids is not common in the Western countries but in the countries of India and many other nations, it is uncommon. Working at this stage or their age, they make the restaurants feel up with child labors. This is illegal and unlawful work that was done by the Indians. India banned workforce by the children under 14 in 2006 for home and restaurant which was where most of the child labor went to. But this law is not getting much attention by the Indians, so international countries are taking all the issues for the child labor.

India has received a 2 again for it's rating by the Trafficking in Persons Report 2009. This is the sixth consecutive year for India to get this at this issue. According to the 2001 census in India, 185,595 children are helping the roadside of India.

Orissa, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar are the major states in India who does this the most because there it is the most poverty and the most poverishment. Agencies give them money which are later to be paid off by the work force of children. In India, out of 5000 odd agencies, only 33 are registered to be against child labor and registered not be include minor workers. If you do not follow the laws, the punishment is for 3 months imprisonment and $2000 fine.

In 2006, 12 through 15 year old girls are shown to be the best choice for housework in India. This is the best choice for 90 percent of the Indians. The best way to fight child labor in India is to punish both the agency that suggests the child to work and the agency that gives the child to work on this household. But while the law is getting through India's parliament, the children who works in the child labor still faces their hardships and their thoughts about how they are children too even though they are children themselves.
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