June 21, 2009

Plastic Banned

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China's pollution is back to the same from the past when the signed many treaty's to stop the increase in pollution. The picture in the left shows a real picture of what today's China is like in the city. In Treehugger, they have news that the cut in plastic has decreased usage in 40 billion bags and that reduced plastic bag usage by 66 percent. This had also increased 1.6 million tons of petroleum that had been always used throughout the decades. UN's environmental Program declared a global ban on plastic production in Washington DC and also approved a tax on the plastic bags. This ban has seemed show a great amount of effect on the lived of the ordinary citizens because now they don't carry any plastic in the streets when they are shopping.
A quote of statistics shown in the report said:
"Since March, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce has deployed 600,000 regulators to inspect 250,000 retail stores or markets for free plastic bags and non-eco-friendly bags. About 2,000 cases were investigated and 2 million yuan of fines imposed."
This had been a great number for the enviroment and how it is run. People's lives are changing due to this and many other reasons. SAIC has also claimed that supermarkets gave up free plastic bags before that could now be fined up to 10,000 Yuan or $1,470. This might become the most popular punishment in China if the use of plastic does not come to an end. Last year, China's largest plastic bag maker closed down as a reason to the ban in January 2008.
Here is a brief of other countries information on plastic:
  • Ireland imposed tax on plastic bags in 2002
  • San Fransisco became the first US city to ban conventional plastic bags in 2007
  • Los Angels will follow the same by 2010
The next big obstacle that is yet to be taken down is cigarettes that destroy the environment completely.

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