June 22, 2009

Question 1 of 10 (Hinduism Today)

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Back in the Spring of 1990, six college students sent 9 questions to Hinduism Today. But to make the explanation better, Hinduism Today had included another question to make it 10 questions that they answered. First remember that if the person is trying to convince you to their thoughts, then do not answer. Smile at them and show them that it is nothing to make you conviced by making you change your thought and you belief. Also remember not to answer a question about religon as if you are sure or fast because you had not thought about it at all. Offer a prolouge first to introduce the problem. This way, you have the time to think and start your conversation. Ask the questioner what his religion is and knowing that you can keep it in his understanding knowledge. Don't be afraid to answer these questions, even meaningful answers would be taken into great consideration.
The Hinduism Today had included these prologues in their article and they are pasted here too.
  1. I am really pleased that you are interested in my religion. You may not know that one out of six people in the world are Hindu.
  2. Many people have asked me about my tradition. I don't know everything but I will try to answer your question.
  3. First, you should know that in Hinduism, it is not only belief and intellectual understanding that is important. Hindus place the greatest value of experiencing each of those truths personally.
  4. You can also say the question back to see if the person has questioned you correctly.
Remember that Sanatan Dharma is an experiential path so it is your experience that is answering the question and nothing else. You can also ask the person if he or she has any other questions. Remember not to think that everyone that is asking you question about your religion might not be challenging you all the time. If you don't know any answer, don't say something that you had just made up, say you don't know anything about this. You can tell him that you can lend him Hindu scriptures to learn by himself because you don't have any knowledge about it.

Why does Hindus have so many Gods?
Hindus all believe in one supreme God who had created the Universe, He is preserving us and he had also created all the Gods who are other spiritual beings as his Helper. Hindus always worship only one Supreme Being that may be called by different names because there are many other languages in parts of India. The four main principals are:
  1. Saivism: God Shiva
  2. Shaktism: Goddess Shakti
  3. Vaishnavites: God Vishnu
  4. Smartas: all other Deities as part of the Supreme Gods
One of the first and unique understanding is that God is not far away. This God is inside every single of us and inside us and inside our soul. It is waiting to be discovered by us so that it would not be hidden from inside us any longer. Hinduism is a religion that follows henotheistic or henotheism because this word best describes Hinduism. It is him that has energized so much of us and our Universe. It is him that shines every single of us and you have to let him know that you know him so he could come out of you and you can learn about him. God is apart from the world and He is transendent. God is both in the World and beyond the World. This sometimes seem to be confusing to non-Hindus because they don't know how you can call one being with many names. There are right terms that use this to make this all possible for you to understand what Hindusim really is.

Question 2

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