June 23, 2009

Question 3 of 10 (Hinduism Today)

What is karma?

Karma is the universal cause and effect of our lives. Our actions in life (good or bad) will come back to us and respond the same way. This causes us to learn from our mistakes and become what we could call a "better person". Karma is a natural law of mind just like the law of matter from science and it is also here to serve how life is in the known world and help us in our needs. The God created karma as a system of justice that no one can break and it is bound to happen anything that is written in karma. Karma means "action" or "cause and effect". When something bad happens to us, it is called injustice and unjust and even if someone refers it as the God punishing us, it is actually not. It is the effect from our old actions that we might have even forgotten about. If we learn what the evil does, then it will be implanted to us and in the future, we will be facing the same evil and injustice.

So what is the divine law? It is that whatever that we do, it will be turned back to us without any measure of any questions or excuses. Even harsh karmas can turn good if you think that it was your fault and you try to clear your path to the goal to never do that mistake again. By understanding how karma runs, we could go to our duties or dharma.

It is the basic energy that is in all of us. If I throw out my energy by speaking or breathing, it comes to me in a different form after I had released it (think of it as this way). This gives us lessons and clears our path as a teacher does. It is our best teacher and we must agree upon every consequences that it has to give us. That is when we could change our behavior and suffer more if we do not change. Albert Einstein said that time is a cycle and space is a cycle just like the Hindus refer to it. Karma is just the law to this just as it treats everyone the same like gravity. We have to understand that it is not them who are giving us the trouble, it is our past deeds that are giving our own selves the troubles from past issues. But many people just refer it as something that goes around comes around and now in the Western countries, this a major word that is used by students and everybody.

The physical, mental and spiritual actions are all referred as karmas. If I say kind words to you, then you are kind to me to say something kind back likewise if I say something irresponsible to you, you would do something irresponsible to me. This is the karma and the natural mind. So we must be careful with all our thoughts and responses.

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