June 24, 2009

Question 4 of 10 (Hinduism Today)

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Why is the cow worshiped by the Hindus?

The cow is worshiped because the cow represents what the nature gives us to every person and by honoring it, we show that it give us more than what it actually takes. Hindus think that all living organism are sacred and we show our affection to the nature through this method. At the festivals we recognize her and honor her but we don't worship her as we do to the God. The cow symbolizes so much of the living world, for example:
All other creaturesThe Earththe nourisherthe ever-givingundemanding providerIt represents life and segments of life. The cow only takes grain, water and grass to live by it to give us more than just grass, water and grain. The cow is the only vital to living that it could be compared to the knowledge that we get throughout our life. The way of treating kindly and gently gives the Hindu the same characteristic for their living. The respect and the kindness gives every single Hindu the power to shine against unthoughtful situations.

Which animal empowers the World that we see today? From the McDonald's tables to the their coffee and other milk related product are powered by the cow which gives them the cream, yogurt, cheese, ghee, buttermilk. It also gives itself through meat products and for example beef stew and burgers. It's bones are used as glue and base of soup broths.

Mohandas K. Gandhi once said "One can measure the greatness of a nation and its moral progress by the way it treats its animals. Cow protection to me is not mere protection of the cow. It means protection of all that lives and is helpless and weak in the world. The cow means the entire subhuman world." His quote about cow shows that it should be treated the same by not just Hindus but by every religion and everyone, every organism in the world.

The cow in Hinduism goes through many festivals as part of living in a Hindu tradition. Gopashtama festival is one example to this type of culture. Jewelry, garlands are all given to the nature at this festival. It represents Kamdhenu, the ever-giving, wish-fulfilling cow that is sacred to every Hindu. There are more than 3,000 institutions that care and help the old cows in India. Even though many are not vegeterian, they believe to stay away from eating beef. dignity, strength, endurance, maternity, selfless service and ahimsha. In the Vedas, the cows represents wealth and joy of the Earth.

At last in the Rig Veda, it mentions cow through this quote: "the cows have come and have brought us good fortune. In our stalls, contented, may they stay! May they bring forth calves for us, many-colored, giving milk for Indra each day. You make, O cows, the thin man sleek; to the unlovely you bring beauty. Rejoice our homestead with pleasant lowing. In our assemblies we laud your vigor."

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