June 24, 2009

Question 5 of 10 (Hinduism Today)

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Are Hindus idol worshiper?
No, Hindus are not idol worshiper and they do not worship the metal or stone that they are symbolizing. We worship the picture to give it a form. We give it a form because only that we can understand more about him and receive his blessings. The stone or the metal or the images in the temples are in which the God shows His love, power and blessings.

To understand this lets take two person who contact the same other person but two of them does it differently. One does it through talking directly through the internet where you can see the picture of the person and the other uses the telephone to talk rather than the computer. But without the computer we could not have had access to view him but talk to him in the phone. This is the same with God when we could both worship the form or the metal to give it a form or worship silently by praying His name. This divinity could also be felt in a sacred tree or in their Guru, in our temples or in the priests. Through the practice of yoga, we could get Him closer to us by setting our mind still of only Him. Yoga makes yourself go into the God and the image or the icon of a God helps one to focus on meditation even more.

Hindus believe that God is everywhere, so it doesn't feel different to worship the metal or the wood on the picture because they are all part of him. We can see God in anything that the God has created which is everything of the material and transcendental World. When a yogi accomplishes his task to transcendent any form or symbol, that is the goal that the yogi was looking for. Hinduism is the most active religion on transcendent, timeless, causeless, formless Truth. There is no other religion that tries to achieve this goal by developing the true realization.

There is nothing idle on our way or worshiping. All religions show their own symbol for holiness and show a view from our perspective. For example the Christian's cross, the arc Jews, the holy Mecca for Muslims all affect each and every religion. This gives the followers of the religion the true picture that they should be praying for. In the Hindu's perspective, we believe that idol worshiping is an intelligent and mystical way of praying that every religion does use. With the forms, it leaves the unconsciousness and just like a true fundamentalist Muslim never believes that there is form for God but still prays the Quran which he doesn't say believes does not have any form.

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