June 19, 2009


Something to hate when you are a student are the tests and that is what I am going through in this week, tests. It's the final exams for me this year and they made me stop my habit and changed them to something I had never been in. I have never studied much before this and not doing the same here also but still with the amount of attention that I had payed in class, I have to pass all these exams.
What do these exams do?
Nothing. I think that these exams do not help but makes you much dumb and want to give up studying. They make the student want to leave their height in learning and want to give up in everything that they learn and they feel as if that they cannot learn and they would not get anything from learning. There is nothing much to say about what this makes you except when you actually face it in college. Until then, this is one a short post to say what they have to make changes with tests.

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