June 15, 2009

Why Not Hindus

Why cannot the Hindus in Bangladesh get the same benefit that the Muslims are getting in India? Is it all because we are Hindus, a minor group with little amount of population? Hindus in the world are 650-900 million and that is not a huge number on the population of the world which is about 1.57% and decreasing day by day from the last two decades. Is this number decreasing because of racism or many other factors?

For only the Indian Muslims, there are the The Muslim Personal Law (Shariat) Application Act 1937 which gives the Muslims in the right to marriage, dower, divorce, maintenance, gift, waqf and inheritance. But for the Hindus in Bangladesh, which is a country right next to India and have a majority or Muslims do not have any law supporting the Hindus and the minorities but have against it.

One of that is the Vested Property Act which was actually made by the leader or the Father of the Country, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman who made the law that if any person, a Hindu left the country to India, then the governement had the right to take over the property that was owned by that Hindu. The pronounced that if you go to India, you are the country's enemy but if you go to Pakistan or any other country, you are not considered to be enemy of the country.

So, still why do the Muslims in India consider themselves minority and still want more benefit? Did they get the same hardships that the Hindus are getting in Bangladesh and many other Middle East countries like Pakistan and Afganistan? They do not even have the same factors that they are watching. But still why do they want more and more freedom? Do they want to stop their worship that the Hindus are doing and people like me who had seen all those know about it all. Yeah it might have changed a little bit now with the new government, but why was it even stopped at the first place? What if the Muslims in India were not able to celebrate their Eid like us who can't celebrate our Durga Puja?

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