June 25, 2009

Windows Releases Anti-Virus

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For the first time in Windows history, they have released their own anti-virus that will be the first one to be stronger than the previous version of Windows Defender. This trial version had been released to US, China, Brazil and Israel. Microsoft Security Essential (MSE) was released to be downloaded from their site against viruses, trojans, rootkits and spywares. The first security package that was done by Windows Live Onecare which was discontinued due to customer dissatisfaction. With the download, they hope to get many atraction from the Windows users.
Reviews of this software show that it is working much less than the freeware security packs that are available through the internet. Some stated that making this the antivirus or the antispyware is invalidated and makes the story worth unbelieving. With this antiviruse suite though, you can solve the problems of simple computer security but not the ones that are talked about all the time. 75000 trial downloads were given to the counties stated above and they are to make this antivirus show up in other countries.

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