July 30, 2009

Bollywood Is Rocking!

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We have all heard about Hollywood and the base that is made up in California for Hollywood but now it is time for the Indians to take charge on their film industry. Well, perhaps if it was 1999, you would not say why do we have to mention Bollywood but now we have to. Bollywood has made more than the movies that the other three powerful film industries have created: China, Japan and of course Hollywood or the United States.
It's centers in Chennai and Hydrabad has produced 1,132 feature films in 2007. The Americans had created 520 feature films, Japanese had created 418 feature films and China had only 400. The power of the Indians is that they have the cheapest movie tickets.
The Indians count 3.3 billon for 2008 in their budger for their filming industry. India's average ticket costs are $0.5 or 22 Rupees. The average that is around the world are between $2.2 in China and $11.7 in Japan. These low cost movies had created $1.8 billon in 2007 for the filming industry of India whereas US had created only $9.7 billion from all of their films followed by Japan with $1.9 billion.

A quote from Times of India said: "Not one of the top 10 films in
India ranked by admissions or box office collections was from the US. In
contrast, 8 of the top 10 films in the UK and Spain originated from America,
Germany had 7 US films in its top 10, Korea and Italy 6 each, Japan 4, France 3
and China 2.

India does not lead in the multiplex screens, Times of India reported. The United States had 29,000 multiplex screens whereas the Indias have 850 of them and in that matter India only leads Korea which also part of the top ten film makets in the world.
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