July 03, 2009

Come On, Change the Topic

Pather Panchali (film)Image via Wikipedia

I was watching two movies yesterday with my family at home because I am on the summer vacation and wanted to see some movies to keep me entertained. So, I got two movies, the first one called Gharjamai which means House-groom and this movie is a typical Bangla movie.

Now, my post is not about how I liked the movie but it is about the criticism that I have on the movie. Like any typical Bangla movie, it has the songs and the ordinary issue of fighting, These are the common themes that we see in Bangla movies. For example, when I was in Bangladesh, I saw how the movies were all the same. They had two person in love and the girl who loved the boy would have a father who never liked the boy because the boy was poor. The boy would then fight to keep his love and that is all there is to the movie and the bad are later taken into law. But is this the same all the time in Bangladesh and South Asia.

Can't the story be a little different than this? Please give me a life, how is this the same, anyone would say but the theme, yes it is the same. Now let's look at another produce a popular one, Satyajit Ray who had made all the true meaning of movies. His movies such as Pather Pachali, The World of Apu, Charulata are all different themes and all that are to life. They make sense with the fact that we could see this happen one day to us. That is why they won that prize and if there is any producer who just makes movies for profits, then they should change their idea and make them so that they could win the heart of every one of us by making them all what it should be like, about life.

As I was looking through the Bengali movie section in Wikipedia, I found a lot of different types of movies but the ones that you could find online are mostly the ones I mentioned above. These movies do not give you a clear picture of how a movie should be but it only repeates the same from past stories and movies.

So, to the directors and writers to the movies, please create movies that are worth watching and please make them all meaningful.
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