July 13, 2009

Globalization: POV 2

This is another opinion post based on a article that I saw around me. Any opinion regarding the post will be accepted as a comment. If you strongly disbelief that my opinion is incorrect, please inform me but I believe that I have the right to share my opinion among the public, thank you.

What would you think globalization means in your opinion? I searched that up on the internet and found that it means a process by which the people of the world are unified into a society and they work together. Before this I posted another post writing about the same topic but having not done much research, I was a bit confused and had written a post that was totally of the limit. I apologize for my inconvenience and am writing about t

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hat issue again, now with a greater and broader meaning.

Globalization in my opinion is a great method on developing a boarder and a world that would work together to make it the best planet of the Universe. First think of this, what if there was other planets with life in them and with the same amount of technology, the same amount of mind and same type and they could do what we could do except that they were not humans, they were a fictional creature. Now if we knew that there was a planet that was this type, we would want to develop out own method on fighting them out of planet so we could get that space too. But if they also attacked us in that way to gain control of this planet, what would happen? Would not we all be working to fight the same creature that we thought we were going to attack but couldn't because first we could not make up our minds on where to attack if it would be right to tell everyone or not in the planet that we were going to attack another planet for more space and to gain control of that space.

Now lets look at it this way, are we working together already? Of course and all the human race is working together right now. If one of us say that we are not going to get involved with another country, could we do that? We have to get involved or else what would be left for us is nothing more than just the piece of land. Many might think only globalization matters for the economic and financial but doesn't it also occur in cultures, diversity and way we develop ideas?

We speak English anywhere and can speak it anywhere in the world because it is considered the international language of the world but if it was not because of globalization, would this language get considered to be called the international language? We needed a way when we could speak and pace ourselves at the same pace with the world and use the same method and we used this language to communicate with all of us in the world. This idea of globalization is another major step to world peace and gaining what we might call "Haven in Earth" where we might find all the peace and harmony that we want inside the place we live in.

Remember, even in globalization you might face hate but don't please. Hate doesn't help you, it harms you all the way and creates what you might call the eternal self destruction. So, this is where I want to close my series at globalization with my point of view. I have done this also because as you might have seen, I had not finished couple of other series that I started to post. So, I thought it might be better to close it before the time even came.

In the meantime, I will try to look for peace and the eternal peace and how to achieve it with my small mind as the same of the blog says it, chotto mind's blog where "chotto" means small in Bengali or Bangla.
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