July 26, 2009

Gnome is Better Than KDE

Another heated debate that rises in the Ubuntu/Linux community. It is if you support kde based desktops or gnome based.
  • KDE 4: The black preferable theme from KDE changes your conotation and changes your look from KDE back to Gnome. KDE 4 changed the way KDE had looked throughout their history because now it's only the color black and much more unstabe than the 3.5 version. KDE is also like Microsoft and we, the Linux users should have something different than the Microsoft ones because it has it's own way just like Mac looks different from Windows.
  • Menu: There is also another copy of the Start button from Windows onto the KDE desktops. In Gnome, there are three different menus that are one for the Applications, Places and Administration. When you click on the K in KDE, it has five tabs: Favorites, Applications, Computer, Recently Used and Leave. To open up an application, then you would have to go to Applications then select a category and pick your application.
  • Finding Menu Selector: Finding the menu selector tool in KDE is a lot harder than the menu selecting tool in Gnome. You have to right click on the K, select menu editor. You can now only change what is in the Applications tab. You have to click on another K that you would find and switch to Classic menu style and now you have to change that.
  • KDE With Dolphin: The new navigator Dolphin has changed the graphical file manager. It is less stable than Nautilus and requires Konqueror to get to the file manager.

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