July 23, 2009

If I Live, Then

There used to be a saying that I heard among my parents and my relatives "Apni Bachle Baper Naam" or If I Live Then He is My Father. This saying might sound a lot difficult than what I thought was the meaning could have been. If I lived, then I could live up to say that that is my father or mother and if I don't, who could say that he is my father or mother? Why would I be saying that? Let's see, one reason that might be the fact is that if I don't live then I can't even say the God's name and can't pray to him. This is the exact same fact that is happening to us all, the ones that are in Bangladesh and here, we their relatives are well awake saying that they are all fine. We pray to the God saying that everything will be fine but why can't we work to make it "fine"? One reason that I see is that, we the Hindus are fearful of everything and get scared of it all. But still we stay to teach others about what is write and what is wrong and what to do and what not to do. We try to write about the Supreme Being and not about them who are just like us, with the same religion. We do not try to write about them who are being affected and are being destroyed just because of their religion which is the same as us. We only try to give them hope and never give them the weapon, tools to finish their hope.
My question is, where did God tell us to talk about him and tell us that you have to listen to me? Where did he say that you have to pray to me and nothing else, you have to live by yourself and keep only yourself clean? Would a true person who believes that the whole humanity is under a threat could say that I have to pray to the God and not care about what the others are doing? There are many who cannot afford to get a better judgement in their neighborhood because of their religion, race or ethnicity and what about them? Would they be getting this hard life while we say to the God "May He let every one of us live in peace and prosperity"? Did we ever act to make that possible or is it just out saying and to say?
In the Gita, Shri Krishna had told us to become nishkam bhakta or a follower of the God who never wants anything except for Him only, who only cares about others and not himself. But then why are we not doing that here in this case? Is it because we do not think that God exists in every one of us or is it because we think that if we get to God, then everything will become perfect? Can't we ever think about the whole human race or at least our religion?
Muslims have progressed so much from 570 AD (After Death of Christ) because they have a unity in them but us, the Hindus do not show any of that unity. We have our seperation and our aim to become the superior. We never want the others to become or go to the top of us and we try to perfect that by showing a great bond with the God and saying that we have the God with us. Whenever I flip on the magazine of Hindu Sanghas in the United States, none of them contain a article about our lifestyle or how we are or how human beings are living. They all try to write about the God and try to understand him, even the children who might be just in grade 6 will only try to write about Him as if he was never bullied because he called himself an Hindu in the class.
We have write about those and those who are not heard and want to be heard through us. They are no other than the same Hindus that are suffering through Bangladesh, India, Middle East and even here in the United States. We have to talk about their feelings and how one feels when he is said names just because he called himself a Hindu. Let them laugh at yourself but call yourself what you really are, stand brave and tall. Always remember to use President Teddy Roosevelt's idea of the Big Stick diplomacy: Speak softly and carry a big stick.
You have to teach those and tell them ask them why they think Hindu is a curse word and fix their problems as you would teach a student. That is why Mohandas K. Gandhi once said "A coward is incapable of exhibiting love; it is the prerogative of the brave"

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