July 09, 2009

Man, Now We Got Another Opponent

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We, the users of Ubuntu and any Linux based users have another opponent that they have to face. And that opponent is no one other than the favorite operating system that next generation or the students use, called Macintosh. I say that they are an opponent because of their browser Safari which only is supported in Windows or Macintosh. Do they even think that Linux is an operating system or they don't even care about that operating system?

Come on dude, I want to say to them. Get a life with Mac and paying your money for such a cheap thing. It's the same for them if you look. Look at the dominator of the whole internet called Google which is also developing a new Operating system called Google Chrome OS which is not just told to be fast but super fast. But what is the most important feature that you will get from Google Chrome OS, it's free and open source just like any other Linux-based distributions.

Even this link shows that Safari is trying to earn the interest from Windows users but why, I have no idea. Well, I could say that they are trying to do this because they want to say anything about Mac. Links at the bottom of the post show a link with five reasons why Microsoft thinks that will not get dominated, but their problems that they have mentioned are really weak. They think that Windows 7 will not get the same problem as Vista did when it came out, also they think building powerful web-apps just like what Google Chrome OS did would bring them powerful too, they think they will compete with only Ubuntu, also are users to ready to face a OS with only internet and they also mention that Google will dominate throughout computer?
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