July 18, 2009

The People's Car

Tata NANO at the Auto Expo 2008Image via Wikipedia

Well, that's a nice name to give to a car that is going to grow it's interest in India. The People's Car made by Tata Motors was released today in this video from India Times showed that. The car does not have much of a luxury but has the ability to move it's way through the city and make the country that had been through such a poverty for so long time to get to it's industrial look.

The car costs about 1 lakh rupee or 1,00,000 rupees which is equivalent to $2,500 USD. This car is called the super mini car (nice name to catch more attention in the packed roads of India).

This car had also faced some controversy when it went onto development due to it's cheap price which lead to mass production and low fuel efficiency that could mean in a higher chance of greenhouse gas. Now the first Nanos are in the street from the summer of 2009. Tata has also claimed that they are developing a battery version that would be both fuel efficient and better for the enviroment.

The first one of the Nano is sold in Mumbai to Ashok Raghunath Vichare, a 59 year old customs officer. In a lottery, they won to get the first Nano out in the streets. Tata claims that they would deliver 100,000 Nanos by the end of 2010.

Nano also faces controvery with the amount of luxary that they have such as they don't have any heating or air conditioning, it only comes in three colors. The best version does have heating or air conditioning installed in them with fabric seats, front power windows, fog lamps, a cup holder in the front console and a rear spoiler. They also have plans to release their cars in other countries too.

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