July 21, 2009


Today, I was going through the internet just like surfing and went to Mozilla Firefox's addon's page which could be located here. Out of my curiosity, I searched for a blog editor that would be better than the blog editor that I use in Blogger iteself. I had been using Zemanata, another Firefox plugin for some time but it didn't show me any improvement in the speed that I could post in my blog. So I got to find this, ScribeFire and started posting.
I traced back the history of ScribeFire to 3.2.1 version where it only said:
ScribeFire 3.2.1 contains a fix for an issue that caused publishing to break for some users.
Then the next version said:
The QuickAds management pane was removed, pending an overhaul of ScribeFire’s monetization features.

And the next was 3.3.1. Well the last blog post was the most imporatant in my opinion, it had all the features up to this version.

New Features

  • New styling to make ScribeFire fit in better with Firefox’s default theme
  • Cleaned up the “About ScribeFire” frame
  • The “Open in new window” checkbox in the “Add a link” dialog stays checked once you check it.
  • Support for custom post slugs for Wordpress
  • Settings can now be backed up and imported into other ScribeFire installations
  • Made Settings into its own dialog

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Tumblr signup
  • Fixed bugs with using
  • Default font now stays selected
  • Fixed bugs with Zemanta timeouts
  • Various accessibility patches from Marco Zehe

Well now, who can resist that this is not the tool every blogger wants?
Thank you to the developers of ScribeFire and I just want to say that the latest version could be installed here

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