July 10, 2009

There's Problem Where You Sent Them

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Someone might think that in a school whatever the teacher does is always good in matter of speaking to the students. But is the teachers always correct on every aspect that they go through? For example, hurting the students in school for their late homework or talking in class which have been the major issue that the students have faced when they started learning in the South Asian country. One of those South Asian country is India where a very big percentage of population are children who go to school to learn.

Yes, I am not against scolding the children once in a while but what if that gets more than just scolding? What if the student needs to be taken to another hospital because their teacher was not careful when they started spanking the student? A report in the Time of India talked about a student getting molested by the principal and another student getting rendered and then partially paralyzed by the school's principal. Another indent was that a young boy with the age of 3 was drowned by the school's lack in managing the students. With all these issues rising, it is the government that some say must act against the private institutions.

Saundarya Srivastava of grade 11 was trying to get her admission to computer course from her principal when the principal told her to that she had come here before and she was rejected because of the grades and now that she had come back again, she would have to stand in the sun. After she had stood on the heat of the sun until the time came for her to faint. She stood on the heat from the sun and fainted. After she gained conciousness, the principal threatened her not to make a issue out of this or else her carrier would be totally lost.

While she was walking home, she felt that that her right hand and parts of her leg was becoming paralyzed. So when she went to the doctor, they asked if she had hit something or hit the ground. Also other incidents have occured on the same school for example the incident with the student trying to rise from drowing in the water or many changes in school because of their school policy. Whatever it might be, the school has not seen the right that they should give to the students.
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