July 05, 2009

This Makes Sense Now

There was many advertisements on the television showing the poverty in the United States. Now it makes sense to me when I went to view the statistics about the povery in the United States. First of all, much of this problem is due to the economic crisis that is grasping the country. The second thought is from Wikipedia which showed a graph of how it really is.

The graph in the side shows the same story, showing how the poverty level is rising again from 2000 and because it uses data from a long time ago, it was unable to show the poverty level during the economic crisis. If that was shown in the graph, then the story would've been much worse. Many of the foreigners would think that this is impossible to have poverty in the great country of United States but it could be true because you can never make anything perfect and make it into a Utopia.

As I looked through the statistics, I saw that much of the poverty was on the younger ones who have just become independent from their parents and now they were struggling to survive. This is the same information here because they don't know how to live a life with all these struggle and still survive that their parents know how to do with all their experiences. So, in my opinion, you have to be dependent on your parents for some time, or else you would end up at the same situation as this. The most important reason that was shown in this article was the fact that illiteracy was still grasping the population.

A Bangladeshi magazine program was made just to inspire everyone in their learning and understanding. It was named Ittadi or etcetera and there it shows how the population in Bangladesh grows up with little knowledge, some who know how to read and write teach the others in their tea store or someone who has a lot of books to give to the poor give it to them by walking through villages and letting them read the books because their poor population can't afford to buy the books.

The United States should also concentrate on this. They should concentrate on making the past Americans understand learning and the now Americans to make that useful. If we cannot use knowledge that we have, then we are not going to be able to make country what it was from before.
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