July 17, 2009

Total Summary of Statistics

Gostats was set up on March on this site and that is the only piece that gives the statistics. So from then to now, here is the stats.

TodayEstimateYesterday7 DaysWeek avg30 Days12 MonthsTotal
Page views19593150080163334733473
IP hosts4125365154347347
Unique visitors721181131748311681168
Unique sessions824211682670616231623
Page views per visitor2.
Sessions per visitor1.
Visitors per IP host1.

The most popular page for the month of May and June was What's coming up in Ubuntu 9.04
Up to today, the most popular post this month is 1 trillion already 3 months left.

This blog is refereed mostly from blogger.com and the second highest was the blog itself claiming that people came directly to it.

Most of the OSs that came was Linux with 79%, Windows with 19% and Mac with less than 1%.
Most used browser to this blog was Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera and Epihany (others are really minor). The most popular countries are US, Bangladesh, India, New Zealand, UK and the rest will not be mentioned because it is a long list.

Anything else, yeah. After one year of the Gostats get their stats collected, it will be in a longer post than this. Until than, bye from this topic.

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