July 24, 2009

Ubuntu 9.10 Features

First lets put up the screenshots that Softpedia posted up as the first look at Ubuntu 9.10.

Now lets just point out the features that are coming up in Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Kola.
  • No more Pidgin, Empathy is the new instant messenger.
  • Brasero got a new feature to show how much data was written on the CD/DVD and how much is available free.
  • The new login manager is totally newly written and different from the past ones with GDM support.
  • Ubuntu One is default installed in the system for backup with web interface.
  • The notification that was introduced in 9.04 is not sleek, narrower with smaller font.
  • Firefox has found an addon called Multisearch and shows Ubunt start up page with search field by Google.
  • New switcher applet for the User switcher. Quit function will take you to Log Out, Shut Down, Restart, Suspend and Hibernate.
Final relase will be on October 29, 2009
Download the 9.10 Alpha 4 from here
The server edition can be downloaded from here

All information and pictures are copyrighted by Softpedia.

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