July 12, 2009

Ubuntu Better Bring Some

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Ubuntu better bring some updates to fight against their own Linux opponent Linux Mint which is now catching the eyes of not just many but most of the users who use Linux based distributions. They have their application directory right in their own site which is not like Ubuntu's where they have them separately in the internet sources.

Linux Mint was created on about at the end of 2006 and they gained popualrity so quickly that no other operating distributions ever got. They also have released Linux Mint 7 in just 3 years and for Ubuntu, they started out in 2004 and their popularity is now decreasing as time is passing by.

Check out these two links about the trends in Google search for Linux Mint and one for Ubuntu.
Ubuntu popularity
Linux Mint popularity

How can Ubuntu gain popularity once again? One of the most interesting way would by developing more applications in their default list. That would make more sense for them, the users to give them a chance to make their operating distribution the useful one. One way that Ubuntu could've done that is by making the name of their applicatons a little different from their previous ones and that might also catch their eyes. Or else it would be Linux Mint dominating through the way and then another distribution would come and seek their way into Linux's world and it would continue that way until Windows stays in the top of the list for all their lifetime.

The link here tells how Linux Mint has been included in the best Linux distribution list by Lifehacker.

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