July 25, 2009

Ubuntu Windows Style

Want to keep a style for your Ubuntu that has the style of Windows? Well, then what are the benefits for doing that? Most of all, the basic function that you could get by doing this is making it working just like you did back then when you started using the computer with Windows. The steps are made into a list to turn your system into Windows style.
  1. Download Aero GDM Theme for your Ubuntu from gnome-look.org
  2. Apply it by installing it just like you would when you go to System>>Preference>>Appearance and drag-and-drop the theme.
  3. Press "Apply New Theme" and add it you have installed the theme.
  4. Now delete the top menu by right clicking on the top menu and selecting "Delete This Panel"
  5. On the bottom panel, right click and "Add to Panel" add Application Launcher
  6. You will have the application launcher with the Ubuntu logo.
  7. You can also add the volume with it by going to "Add to Panel" and other necessary objects to the panel.
You are ready to go and your system as you did in Windows.

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