July 07, 2009

What Flock Has

Flock, it has so much that it is beyond our understand and knowledge or knowing on what it has to offer to us. Flock, I used it from just yesterday but had seen it before. I thought about how it would make sense to just write a bit of post about this. Flock, which was a project by the Mozilla group and it would make sense to write about it. This browser has become one of the revolutionary browsers in the internet world and has become the "Social Browser."

This browser has a Blog Post option where you could post in your blog right from your browser and post in multiple blogs if you need to. This also gives you more options to format any type of post that you are writing or insert any link or image that you want.

The My World feature is another feature that needs to be mentioned where you can get your news feeds from the lists that you have in your Digg or in your Google Reader. Also you can upload media such as uploading batch photos. You can search the web, search the popular site callled "Twitter" and track what your friends are doing in their settings or in their accounts of Youtube, Digg, Facebook or any website that are part of the Flock.

You can have access to Bebo, Digg, Facebook, Flikr, Myspace, Twitter, Youtube, Photobucket, Picassa, Tinypic, Blogger, Blogsome, Livejournal, Typepad, Wordpress, Xanga, your own self hosted blog, Delicious, AOL Mail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Facebook Chat.

You can clip something off the internet for example a picture, video or some text and keep them in your blogger so you can read them later and safe from the ones who want to delete them off. Or you can your the media stream which has all the image hosting sites and the video hosting sites so you can find the right photo or the video fast without going through web pages.

For more information visit Flock's site.
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