July 11, 2009

Why I Blog

An ordinary question that anyone might ask me, why do I blog a lot nowadays? Blogging came up to my mind about last year when I joined a online community where it was full of web-designers and others who make their sites up.

I am just blogging because I think this way I could learn some interesting facts about what I had never learned. For e

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xample, this way I could type and then from that I could grow my typing speed. I had used Wordpress before but now using this service from Blogger makes me blog more than I did before. I had to migrate my whole blog from the last platform so that it could work here too but that also took much more time than expected but still I continued to contribute to the blog. And now, the designs are causing me to do it more. I hope to put this blog in my resume but that would be a long time till I get to that stage to put it in my resume when I create it.

Now Zemanta and news from Google Reader is keeping me active. No more forums for me but only blogs and communicating through these ideas.

I just hope to keep on with the blogging and making money with these which I do with the Google Adsense program so that a domain could be bought up by me. Until then I will keep all the advertisements and donation on top of the page, for someone who could help me donate to this blog and services that me and my brother are making such as a lyrics site where Bangla song's lyrics will be all kept. If we get the funding, then we could expand on that too, we hope. Thank and thank you again for reading this thank you post.

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