August 09, 2009

20 Facts About Bangladesh

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It was then that the Westerners didn't know about Bangladesh but now, they are not just learning about it but feeling a great sense of what Bangladesh is. So, I found this online from this blog post in Global Voice Online. Hope to share some of it here.

1)The currency is the Taka (rhymes with Dhaka), 100TK is the same as £1, and only in the last month have 1000TK notes been printed
2)Locals are called Bangladeshi’s which means the people of Bangla
3)The national language is Bangla, but depending where you place the emphasis changes the meaning. BANGla- means the land of Bangla, BanGLA-means the land of frogs
4)driving down a road the wrong way is acceptible…and very scary
5)the local dress for women is called a shalwar kameez
6)Mirpur (the area i’m based in) has more people than Northern Ireland
7)Most shops shut between 2-4pm when everyone has an afternoon nap, getting a rickshaw at this time is nearly impossible
8 ) Friday is the Holy day
9) New Year is April 14th
10) a new month starts in the middle
11) Bangladeshi’s only eat with their right hand
12) Bangladeshi’s have been voted the happiest people for the 3rd year in a row
13) Noble Prize Winner, RABINDRANATH THAGOR wrote the National Anthem
14) Lychees only have a season of 3-4weeks and you can buy 50 for 100TK
15) The national fruit is the Jackfruit, it has the same texture as mangoes but can be up to a 35cm in length, the seeds make a great curry
16) Honour to a Bangladeshi’s is the most important thing
17) the Lily is the national flower, although I haven’t seen one yet
18) Bangladeshi’s are very proud of Cox’s Bazaar as it is the longest natural sea beach in the world
19) It is the 7th most populated country in the world, it has the same number of people as America in the space of Ireland
20) It is the most corrupt and dirtiest country in the world.

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